Hello there!

We are Brad and Clouds, a married photographic team. We think we have one of the most amazing jobs in the world- or at least right up there with cheese taster! We live in a big, old vicarage by the sea with our little girl. We think that family, friends and love are about key to life -which is why we think weddings are so flipping amazing!

Photography has been something we've both been exposed to for years; and just after our own marriage in 2012 we got into shooting weddings together. We both love the people, documentation and creativity involved. Brad is the crowd-wrangler and camera gear 'fount of knowledge', and Clouds is the critic and editing-cave dweller. Since our daughter was born Brad has taken on the lead photographer roll and we have some amazing second shooters who join him for weddings when Clouds is on Mum duty.

We travel all over New Zealand photographing beautiful people and places. 
We'd love to hear your story, so please do get in touch and say hi!


And because she is cuter than either of us, here is our wee girl Trixie...